Architecture & Engineering

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We can create a full set of plans or just a floor plan. 

All plans can be stamped with PE engineering stamp via our PE Stamp Request service.


We do an architect survey on your property to get the info you wish to acquire, survey land for architecture design, construction, and more.

Submit your request below.  All plans include code review, 3 FREE REVISIONS.


The architect works with you to understand the plot of land on which the project will take place.  Other structures already on the site and your objectives and goals will be discussed.

You sign an architect contract to show an agreement between you and JE Estate.

The cost breakdown is discussed. Full payment or financing is used by the client to pay for plans before moving into the next phase.

Architect conducts research and collects information such as local zoning and land-use restrictions, project scope, etc.

Architect brainstorms, sketch, and model various design ideas.

Full Plans Price

  • $4/ SQFT$0.50 SQFT (> 15,000 SQFT)
  • $2/SQFT + $200 (>500 SQFT)
  • $1.25/SQFT (> 5,000 SQFT)
  • $0.50 SQFT (> 15,000 SQFT)

Single Discipline Plans Price

Disciplines: Structural, MEP, Landscape, Site Plan/Civil

  • $2/ SQFT + $200 Each Discipline
  • $1/ SQFT (>5000 SQFT) Each Discipline

Floor Plan Price

  • $1/SQFT + $200
  • $0.75/SQFT (>1,000 SQFT)

Urban Design & Planning Price

  • $2/SQFT - Minimum 2000 SQFT

Vicinity Map: $100


Code Review:

Estimate / BOM: 

Architect Survey: TBD, depends on location

PE Stamp can be requested on the PE Stamp Request page.


Architects develop the designs and present the proposal.
The architect creates site plans, floor plans, and building elevations.
Design is chosen by you.


Architect develops the design you chose, this includes the necessities; structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing and heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems.

If needed Landscape Designer does any landscape design, interior designer plans for interior elements.
Meetings with you regularly to make any changes to design plans are conducted.

A structural engineer and estimator will join the team to help come up with more accurate estimates for the project.

The exterior and interior finishes are then presented to you and materials, fixtures and other finishes are discussed.  Decide on materials and fixtures. The building’s exterior, layout, and dimensions are finalized and the materials and fixtures have been chosen.


The architect completes construction documents for the builder ensures plans are up to code. 

Interior Designer designs and plan all interior elements based on the architect's plans.

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