Full Service Construction

View our services and global regions on our Service & Regions page, which can be accessed in the footer of the page.


We do all construction from residential, commercial to industrial construction.

Construction documents are needed to begin construction process, view architect page to get full set of stamped plans made if you do not have any yet.


We do a multitude of surveys, view our Service & Regions page to see to see all the different surveys we do.

You can submit your survey project blow also.


You sign architect contract to show agreement between you and JE Estate.

Cost breakdown is discussed. Full payment or financing is used by client to pay for plans before moving into the next phase.


Construction cost varies and depends on location, size and more. We will send quote.

Your budget is guaranteed. Any cost over budget we eat, this does not include changed made by client after construction initiated.

- $50K minimum budget

- 10,000 total SQFT minimum

Survey: $0.10/SQFT - $0.20/SQFT + Travel Cost


The city or county will review the building permit set and check if it’s structurally sound and follows local zoning laws and building codes.


Project site is prepped for construction. Labor and resources are acquired.


Project is transitioned into actual construction. The architect, engineers, and project manager perform quality control inspections.  The priority is to ensure that the project is delivered by our construction crew as designed

Interior Designer oversees and ensures all interior elements are correct and put into structure.


Resources required for the project are demobilized, equipment rentals are returned, the worksite is cleaned up, and subcontractors that have completed their jobs move on.

Project management carries out a post-project review which could help detect any tasks that weren’t completed, analyze any challenges and put together a list of informative insights for the future.