Partner Service

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We create a full set of plans or just floor plans.  All plans can be stamped with an architect stamp or engineering stamp.

All plans include code review.


Payment is made below, select the correct package.

As long as you submit the form and payment we will allow you into the program.

Note: CRI = Commercial, Residential, Industrial.

Additional Note: For any packages you do not need, go to quantity on the payment page and select "Remove".

Price (Full Plan; MEP, etc.):

Package Price: $14.5K/8 Projects

Package Price: $20K/8 Infrastructure Project

Package Price: $25K/8 Government Projects

Projects Outside Of Package: $2.50/SQFT

PayPal is our payment facilitator, PayPal will let you check out as a guest and use you card when you press "PayPal" if you do not or wish to have a PayPal account.

PE Stamp: Please visit our PE Stamp Request page.


We design and develop your plans so you are ready for construction.

From schematic to construction documents, we can create a full plan and fulfill all your plan production needs.


We complete construction documents, and ensure plans are up to code.

Interior Designer designs and plan all interior elements based on the architect's plans.

If you wish to use our construction service, visit our construction page.